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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is fixed fee recruitment? close

Put simply, it is payment of a single set fee for facilitating a complete recruitment process.

Auto-careers offers a choice of 3 different options depending on the level of support you require to make your next appointment.

There are no additional or hidden costs – the price you see is the price you pay, regardless of how many hires you make from the assignment or the salary package offered.

Why use auto-careers? open

By reading this, we can only assume that you seeking a cost-effective recruitment solution.

Of course, other ‘fixed fee’ recruitment providers exist, but if you are seeking to identify specific automotive skills or even talented individuals from competitor organisations, then auto-careers is the only provider that truly understands your industry.

Right from the start, we are able to offer a totally honest and objective assessment of your vacancy; including remuneration package, duties & responsibilities’ even job title – ensuring that you are fully aware of the market-place and hence able to optimise each and every vacancy to procure maximum success.

How long have you been in recruitment? open

Auto-careers is a relatively new company, formed in early 2010 to address the need for a technically competent and low cost recruitment solution that serves the highly demanding automotive industry in all its guises.

As for us, we are a team of former Automotive industry professionals who also possess extensive industry recruitment experience. In fact, the team collectively is able to demonstrate over 60 years combined automotive and recruitment sector experience.

I haven’t recruited before - how straightforward is it? open

Very! Simply provide us with as much information as possible – either via the easy-to-follow vacancy template or speak to a consultant directly and we’ll do the rest.

Either way, we will guide you through the process from start to finish, explaining everything in as much detail as required to allow you to make an informed decision which ultimately maximises our efforts and at a price that will please you.

What if it doesn’t work? open

Nothing of course is guaranteed in life, however we aim to exceed your expectation with every assignment placed with us.

Right from the start, we will advise you as honestly and objectively as possible so as to give your vacancy the best chance of success. Ultimately if we believe that your requests are unrealistic, we will tell you straight and advise accordingly rather than cause obvious disappointment.

How do I pay? open

We offer a range of payment options to suit you and your business. However, please be aware that your recruitment assignment will only go live once cleared funds are received.

Upon selection of a recruitment option, we will email an invoice to you immediately giving you two ways in which to pay:

Bank Transfer

Our bank / payment details are clearly displayed on our electronic invoice, enabling you to opt for either a BACS (next day) or CHAPS (same day) payment depending on the urgency of the job vacancy.


We are also happy to receive company or personal cheques, although please be aware that the processing time can take up to a week, meaning your recruitment campaign may be delayed as a result.

Can you offer a bespoke recruitment solution? open

Yes of course – the 3 recruitment options are offered as ‘off-the’shelf’ recruitment packages designed to keep everything simple. However, should you wish to tailor a more specific recruitment process, then we are more than prepared to accommodate.

Just tell us how you want it doing and we will support the process fully to deliver the results.

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